Kaleidocycle Illustrations

There are four separate illustrations available for your kaleidocycle. Use the pop-up menu below to select the illustration you would like to see, and the illustration will appear in a new window. To get back to this page, close the new window or make this window active on your desktop.

If you would like to download the illustration, select the Save as... option under the File menu of your web browser to download the file to your computer, and select the format as "source" rather than "text". Alternatively, you can use the print button on your browser to print out a paper copy of the image (but not save a copy on your computer). Finally, close the window when you are finished.

Cross-sectional view of the earth (Kaleidocycle1.pdf) download
Northern hemisphere earthquake epicenters (Kaleidocycle2.gif) download
Southern hemisphere earthquake epicenters (Kaleidocycle3.gif) download
Age of oceanic crust (Kaleidocycle4.gif) download
Geologic map of New Mexico (Kaleidocycle5.pdf) download

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Created by Dave Love and Bill Haneberg


last modified: 25 April, 2022